1. Esterházy Palace
  2. Dyer in blue museum
  3. Calvinist Collection of Pápa
  4. Spa Pápa / Várkertfürdő


Kékfestő museum was opened for the big audience in August, 1962, and it exhibits the workshop and equipment of the former Kluge company,  and gives insight into the ruses of the craft of ‘kékfestés’.
During visiting the museum we guide our guests back to the past revealing the beauties and difficulties of this wonderful and old craft.  We exhibit all the steps of the work processes and the still operating equipment of ‘kékfestés’ in the old manufacturing building being more than 200 years old.
There are three permanent exhibitions in the museum being open all year round:

    -    200 years old history of Kluge family, and the exhibition of the technical parts of ‘kékfestés’.
    -    The life work exhibition of Irén Bródy, the merited artist and academician.
    -    Győry collection.
Besides these permanent exhibitions there are many temporary exhibitions organised.
We are inviting our guests with diverse programmes; we join to the national programme called Night of Museums every year.  Within the programme series of Craftsman’s Garden many folk crafts are introduced in the framework of sessions and fairs.
Between July and August we invite children (and the interested adults as well) in many groups in one-week craft camps where besides ‘kékfestés’ they can get to know other traditional crafts as well.